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New Commercial Building Costs: A 40 Year Life Cycle

Monday 5 July 2010 - Filed under Indiana Commercial Construction

You might be surprised to learn the percentage of the initial cost vs the total expense of a building over a 40 year life cycle. The total cost of ownership is determined by the original design of a building. The initial cost is only 115 of the total cost involved with a building over a forty year period. In addition to placing an emphasis on reducing the initial cost, The Ryan Company places a great deal of emphasis on reducing the other 89% of costs.

We use materials that require minimum maintenance and long life spans. The heating systems we use are the most efficient that still meet the owner’s requirements. Our insulation is chosen to provide maximum aid to conserving indoor climate control and reduce costs over the life span of a building. We also design our buildings with a practical eye towards future expansion and modification, thereby increasing the existing and resale value of a building.

Our material and system choices have been shown to reduce costs of insurance on both the building and the contents of the building as well. For more information and commercial construction estimatesplease visit

50%- Maintenance, Fuel, Insurance & Operating Costs

25%- Alterations

14%- Finance Cost

11%- Initial Cost


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